Oct 1, 2008


OKAY SO I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY...LIFE HAS ITS WAY OF THROWING YOU AS MANY CURVE BALLS SIMULTANEOUSLY AS IT POSSIBLY CAN..... So I have been super busy with the kids..daycare and my own.... And the baby shower......It was fabulous!!! Here are some pics. 90% of everything was homemade...I am soooo proud of it....please tell me whatcha think....here are some pics....

So whew...now that thats all done :)

Also in case I haven't told you I am Taryns Daisy Scout Leader...go me.....trying to keep 8, 5&6 years olds busy for 45 mins learning to earn patches is more work than I thought!!!!

Also I got my stocking swap partner, Mary from Gettysburg Homestead...which I wish I lived in her house... I love it all.... :) So I started on that...... As for crafting I haven't really gotten too busy with that...but I need to...like right now...tonight....I have many aprons to be making and cinnamon rolls and grubbied candles.... and on an on.... :)

If anyone knows and is willing to share..can someone please tell me how to make the star ornie bowl fillers...I mean is this a hand stitch project? I can't machine stitch them and get them turned out? I have a pattern...but no instructions and I guess I am just not getting it....lol.....I need help!!! Well Thanks for playing catch up tomorrow I will post pics of the Artsy swap i did and my pay it forward gift I got..... Also I am working on painting a distressing my hutch.....yikes..I am so nervous..... So until next time... PS I will be doing a Holiday Give-a-way.... sometime next month..things are just so insane around here..... XOXO

Love thy neighbor.....also thought for the day...Share with thy neighbor...if you haven't or even if you have take something to your neighbor and share...Its amazing how wonderful that all feels on both parties part to give and to receive something...especially if its homemade....post the comments on here of your random neighborly kindness.... Love Scoti


Anonymous said...

Wow Scoti...the baby shower decorations and table look fabulous. A lot of work, but well worth it i'd say. And by the sounds of it, everything ran smoothly.
Great job.
Happy Fall!!!
luv Ann.xx

Gettysburg Homestead said...

HEHE I wasn't sure if we were suppose to say who our swap partner was, but now that you did...

You did a great job on the shower!!!

I was never a G.S. leader. Didn't have the patience or time. LOL Good luck with that.


Debi said...

Hello my dear sweet daughter,

I am loving your pics... I know how much work it was!!! Sorry I haven't been by sooner to check things out!! I am also in love with Mary's house, Gettysburg Homestead!!! If you get to go live with her... does that mean she has a mother-in-laws room too???? ;-)

Love that you and Taryn are getting to spend time together doing Daisy's. It will be time that both you and her will charish when she is your age!!! (I know I still do.) ;-)

Looking forward to your next post... see you soon..

Love mom!!