Aug 28, 2008

Where has the week gone?

Well I have been so busy with daycare and what not....The Food Program peole came today and I have been waiting since last week for them to come.... :( So they finally came today!! And I passed it seems!! Yay me!! I have been crafting and sewing my heart out but unfortuntely with no camera:( I can't even show you what I have been making... But today I made up a batch of Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener..... I think the fabric softener might last forever...It makes a huge batch!!!! I also made some detergent for my mil...and maybe my mommy too... She doesn't like powder so I am going to make up some liquid type this weekend If I remember to get a 5 gallon bucket.... Oh and oven cleaner... Its time to clean the oven too.... I have also been makin up some cinn-a-minis....thanks to one of my fellow bloggers who shared this recipe I have been dying to have!!! I love the smell... I added a little pumpkin spice and cinnamon and they look good enough to eat!!!!
Oh and today I got a lovely pay-it foward gift today... I will take a picture of it and post it hopefully tom.. I am going to borrow a friends camera tonight so I will post all the pictures later!!!
I am alos looking for a few good and DH tired of eating the same things... And I like the tried and true recipes personally!!! So I have about 5 lbs of hamburger in the feel free email me some recipes... I know ya got some!!!!
Love thy neighbor!!

Aug 25, 2008

We have a Winner!!!!

So last night I printed off all the names of those who entered and researched blogs to see who posted the giveaway....and then I went to get the camera to take pics of the bowl of names...which there were alot of entries...THANK YOU LADIES!!!! Back to getting the camera, so I was carrying the bowl and entries and the camera and a glass of pink lemonade...when I tripped and drop what else but my camera.....and it broke onto my kitchen floor.... I am devastated!!!!! So I won;t have pics for a little while :( My DH said he would see if he could fix it tonight after his fishing trip..... Which by the way the camera also have Brock's first catch yesterday..... :( I know I can take the memory card out but still I loved that camera..... Anyway enough of my boohoos.... So I have Taryn draw out the winner this morning....And the winner is.....

HEATHER over at Heather's Heartfelt Stitches...

Congrats and Thank you very much to all of those who entered....I will be doing another giveaway in September....

Also wanted to say Thanks to farm girl dreamer for saying my daughter is beautiful... I agree but I think my opinon is slightly biased!!!
Merry I will have to call the lumber yard today and ask them what color that is in my kitchen... I will let you know...thank you for the compliment on the was hard work!!!
Ann in can enter things anytime...its just distance hunny!!!! :)
Elise...I thought that it wasn;t that easy either until I let them dry overnight and then WOW....they looked fine...don't be hard on yourself...I am sure they are wonderful!!!!
And to my mommy..... Thanks for getting me started blogging and always being so supportive :)

I would also like to organize a recipes and cloth swap..... Rules are..... hand written cards only.... :)
Everyone who enters will need to have 5 recipes...they can be main, sides, breads, desserts....whatever makes your heart feel good....
Now for the cloth will need to come up with a piece of cloth that you have gotten at a flea market, second-hand store, or even a garage sale....I would like it to be 1 yard..... it can be muslin that you have stained...cotton.... something that would be nice to wrap up one of your recipe dishes in...... Any takers?
Deadline for entries will be September 5th at midnight...after all entries are received I will email everyone there partners name and address. so please be sure to include your address in your email and title email...pre-fall recipe swap
And I would like everyone who is interested to email me @

Wish me luck on the camera.... Also when I get it fixed I will post pics of what I complete yesterday and my second-hand store finds.... :) Till next time....Love thy neighbor....XOXO

Aug 22, 2008


Well ladies....and possibly is my first official give-a-way!!!! I have thought long a hard about its a little bit of everything about me all in here it goes...

okay wait...i forgot to tell you that it was Taryn's first day of kindergarten yesterday...totally thought I would cry but neither of us did...except Brockie....he was beside himself without her.....he kept asking when we get sissy? But all went well got all 5 daycare kids off to school and the three preschoolers picked up at 10:30. lunch, nap and picked up the 2 kindergartners at 3:20 and then 4 daycare kids gone by 4. And the other two gone by it was family time after that and Taryn couldn't talk fast enough to tell us all about her day... So here is a pic of her before her first day....

and here is one at the school

and here is her putting her supplies in her desk...this is where I almost teared up the second time...

and here is her at her desk telling me its okay...just go home :)

okay so back to the give-a-way....

We have a garage sale find of this sign there's no place like home...a bag of fresh dried lavender.....a grudged..cinnamon first 2 grungy candles i ever made...couple of weeks ago...a few vintage buttons from an auction....a bag of seeds....a rustic metal star...a small cinnamon bun candle...courtesy of Brock I didn't know he put that in there til after I took the pic....:) a old oatmeal bowl....a wooded first ever craft...a painted paint of ..Home of the Free. because of the brave.....and a tin of my first batch of homemade lip balm in sweet orange...... so any takers....please post a comment on this post to enter per person..unless.. you post on your blog...then you get 2 chances.....So Good Luck...... Also in the works I was thinking of hosting a recipe swap...please let me know if any ones interested!!! Love thy neighbor.... XOXO


Aug 19, 2008 title...1st GIVE-A-WAY!!!!

Well so I have been wanting to change a few things about my blog...first the name and then the layout....So here it is....Welcome to Red Cinnamon Prims....this is actually my new craft business name. I am going to my first craft show in the next couple of months!!! YEA!!! I have been busy crafting my heart out as well as finishing up on what I could help Daniel and Serena our family whose house burnt down on August 7th, which I would just like to say was a very tramatic thing to watch!! Kids are still having nightmares......speaking of kids....I have 4, I haven't really went into too much detail Iam going to start now. Christopher and I have been together for off and on over 10 years.. we were high school sweethearts and I have loved him since we were in 7th grade together...He has 2 children from a previousl marriage...Natalie who is 7 and starts 2nd grade this week, and Braiden who is 6 and starts 1st grade this week too. I have a 5 year old named Taryn. She id going to to start Kindergarten this week.... :( I am terrified...... And last but not least is Brock our 3 year old. Its a yours, mine and ours kind of arrangement...its what we can family here!!!
I am also going to be having my first Give-A-Way listing on Friday!!!! I will post all my goodies that I am finishing up on Friday and draw the winner Sunday night t 11 pm!!!! So get ready for this fantabulous giveaway!!!! Tell all your friends!!!!
Have a great day my friends......... Love thy neighbor!!!!! XOXO

Aug 18, 2008

Pay-It- Foward!!! and This productive Sunday!!!!

Okay so my mommy is taking part of a pay-it-foward!! And need somebody's to sign up she posted it on her blog and is waiting so patienly to have people sign up so she can send out some goodies!!! So head on over there read a little and sign up!! Save her to your blog lists...well because she my mom :)

Okay as for our Sunday evening...we ( my daughter, mother and I ) made some aprons!!! I am so excited about these.....I have started crafting for some upcoming craft shows. We all worked so hard on them....they were so fun. So here is a little sneek peak at them....

The boy...his idea of!!!

And the finished product!!!! My very first apron...actually me second I will have to take pics of the first one and put them up later. Much Love Scoti

Aug 15, 2008

Fabulously...Fantabulous Friday!!! And Behind my Red Door Contest!!!!

Well it is Friday already...okay who am I kidding it seemed as though it would never come!!!! I need a little sanity moment...I have a few-4 NEW daycare kiddos. all under 4 and I feel as though I may pull my hair out a little...They are great kids just geting them into the routine of things is a little harder than you'd think it should be....but oh well....The little boy who is 3 decided today while in the wash room "washing" his hands and face post lunch time....that he would undo the pipe on the bottom of the sink and then turn the water on....holy cow was it a mess.....And I wonder why it is that a 3 yo can undo that pipe and I would have had to stand on it to get it eo Tomorrow is garage sale day here yeah!!! I need a few things...take note...NEED!!! I am going to start sewing my aprons up tomorrow for the up coming craf show and I decided to make cinnamon roll sitters.....alot harder than I original thought~~~ Also making laundry detergent tomorrow with my MIL. I did make my first batch of homemade lip balm....not to bad if I do say so myself....Its a little oiler than I like but now I will just adjust the next batch so it won't be..... I will also sew my first dolly tomorrow with my dd, she is 5 and wants to learn to sew so bad she can't take it anymore!!! Well thats where I am at I thought that I would include my first recipe of sharing with you....Let me know how it all workd for ya!!!!

Spiced Apple Cake...yummy...

Preheat oven to 325 degrees

11 tablespoons of unsalted butter, softened
1-1/4 c. packed dark-brown sugar
1-1/2c peeled apple slices
2 c all-purpose flour
2 t. baking powder
1/4 t. ground cloves
1/2 t. ground allspice
1/4 t. salt
2 eggs
2/3 c. milk
whipped cream---if so desired!!

1. Place 3 t. of the butter in 9 inch round nonstick cake pan. Coat sides of pan with the non-stick cooking spray. Place pan in the oven while heating to 325. When butter is melted, remove pan from oven. Sprinkle with 1/4 c. of the sugar. Carefully fan out apple slices, overlapping, in pan.
2. Sift flour, baking powder, cloves, allspice and salt into medium size bowl. Set aside. In a large bowl, beat remaining 8 tablespoons of butter and remaining 1 cup of sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs. Add half the flour mixture, then milk, then remainigflour. Beat until smooth. Pour into pan.
3. Bake at 325 for 1 hour or until pick comes out clean. Run thin knofe around cake; invert onto plate. Remove pan; replace any apple slices stuck to pan. Serve slightly warm with whipped cream....enjoy cuz its good stuff!!!

Also wanted everybody to know Linda is having an awesome check it out...

Also wanted to know how many would be interested in a white "crafty" elephant exchange....maning you can't buy anything has to be something from your home and something you crafted.....I would like to have my first email me if your interested!!! Thanks and have a great day!!!

Aug 12, 2008


So things have been way too busy lately..I have a moment last night to let just say myself..minus the kiddos, husband, phone, door bell, and the barking dogs. lol Well things have just been so chaotic that I called my darling MIL last night to discuss a few things. This weekend is when the kiddos are coming.. I don't think I have told you about my 2 step children... N....and B..yes another B... 7 and 6 who we get every other weekend...and its our turn..YEA!!! Boys are all going fishing this permitting and what to do with the girls....hmmm..having a granny and Nana and mom craft weekend....We are all going to get together to do some grafting together. There is a craft showing coming up in September and I think...we are going to all attempt to have a booth together...OUR first craft show...I am soooo excited!!! So I sat down to make a list of everything that I want to try my hand at as well as I have a baby shower to plan.... So I am going to begin the quest for some polka pods and rose hips so we can fragrance our own... And I need to get over to Mary Prices a little mom and pop shop with lots of fabric very reasonably priced....So I can get started on many crafts..... I am also going to try my hand at siliconing some bulbs.....And trying to make my own cinnamon rolls...the crafty kind that you can set out not candles....maybe bowl fillers is the word I am looking for. IDK!!! But I do have alot of ideas for all of us as well as we are going to make a batch of laundry soap. I have made this once already and I just made a small batch but I did love it as well as Dishwasher soap i made!!! It didn't turn out as well so if you have any ideas..let me know. My family whose house burnt down is all doing well. They have decided to move to a neighboring town with some other family and the donations of things are still pouring in so. I am happy they have gotten settled in and are now looking for a place to start anew!!! T starts school in 9 days...I am so terrified!!! All day Kindergarten sounds like a long day without sissy! And I sure don't know how well the little guys is going to handle sissy being gone all day. I thank goodness I get to stay home with him although there has been alot of shifting in daycare kids since the fire. Lost 2 kids and trying to replace their spots as well as a mom who wants to change jobs..Whew....I think its always something. Then my garden is starting to produce some tomatoes and squash. The neighbor ran over the okra, peppers and onions with his lawnmower....long story...But anyway... I think I am going to get started on painting a few things...As I will post them this week and later next week after our exciting weekend!!! XOXO

Aug 8, 2008

A terrible evening.....

Last night my next door neighbor and family members house caught fire....they weren't home..thank the good lord....They are so young, Daniel and Serena have 2 young boys David who is two and Matthew who is under one I think about 10 months. The house was a total loss, and they didn't have any insurance. It was the most horrific thing I have ever encountered...Serena ran into our home yelling her house was on fire and to call 911!! At first I thought stop joke...but I could tell she was serious I just ran out the shoes and called 911 they want to keep you on the line and I was yelling at her that I had to go help. So I ran into the house and the whole back utility room was ingolfed in something you see straight from a movie. My hero of a husband ran to open the back utilty door to start spraying water and realized it was electrical so thank GOD he didn't spray water on it. The house was soo smoky I couldn't see. BUt I felt like Ihad to do something go in a save things start grabbing things and throwing them out in the yard.....BUt I could stand the smoke so I went to the front of the house and opened the front door..I know big mistake and don't go in a burning house...but it is so crazy how your mind is just a rampid cluster of thoughts.. All I could think was how they just told us a few months ago they didn't have insurance on their house...they had fallen on hard times...and now they were going to lose everything so I tried to crawl in the house the front door because their boys room is less than 5 feet from the front door I was just going to start grabbing stuff.... But I couldn't..I felt sooo helpless....I was standing there screaming yelling beacuse the fire trucks were pulling up and all I wanted them to do was hurry..... I have never felt the urge to just do SOMETHING...anything..I kept begging them please so something you can't just let them lose everything.....It is so terrible for me to even think about...It still seems so surreal!!! I thank God that it happened when no one was home and no one included fire fighters got hurt. But me deal with the guilt I feel for not getting some of those babies things out.... I run a daycare at home and I have a few extra things but goodness...with the cost of everything money has even been extremely tight here....I am going to put some donation cans around our small town of Le Roy, KS....and call The American Red Cross...but after that I don't know what else I need to do...I mean Serena and Daniel are only 19 and they have any idea what to do. I am 28 and can't wrap my head around what has just happened. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free........ Let me know what is it that I do??? I will post some pictures later today after they let us go in to see if anything is salvagable...... I know in my heart just by looking from the outside of the fire tape....Their is nothing......Keep them in your prayers...please and thank you so much for reading this. Scoti

Aug 7, 2008

What I am working kitchen

About 18 months ago we decided to take on the task of remodeling a old family home in the small town we live in....It was in terrible shape and I cried for days, just the thought of all the work....did I want to even try? So we took on the challenge and in 21 days made this house...a livable home... I thought I wouls share with you the transformations we have made since then....

One of the begining one.... my DH told me this was "my room" I needed to pick out paint and whatever else I wanted to do...within budget and get and get started..letting him know what he needed to do. So I decided to paint the cabinets, paint the walls, need fixtures, new window treatments, new flooring and a new trim...along with more And this is the inprogress look......

This is the doorway leading to the then dining room...which turned into daycare room.:)

My DH at work on the trim boards...

And the begining of the endless coats of paint......

And the begining of the painting the cabinets as well..... my mom with coat 1, and tht tape peeling..*ugh*
Now fast fowarding to the finished product and the way it is today........

And just this week I finished painting, adding fabric, and decorating the cabinets with my new found love of certain "old things"............

Now for my recent GOODIE finds....

This took me about 3 months to acquire and I figured with the basket I spent about $15 on all of it...which is one of my very favorite things....

Scored this at a church yard sale this last weekend for $2...its a hanging pot rack...included where hangers and everything..this picture does not do it any justice....I have always wanted one of these......

Well I have to get busy with the daycare kiddos that are now arriving and get us started on craft time soon. Be back soon.....

Aug 5, 2008

Here I am....

Well.. today is my first day as a "BLOGGER". My mom got me started at this and we will have to see how this goes. Please bear with me as I try to journey down this gravel road.

A little about me...first I am a daughter to a mother who raised me single-handily until I was 2, of course with the help of my grandma and her sisters and brother.... Until she met my dad...the man I hold so dear to me. He took us both on and never seemed to question his discussion of being my dad and hero. Then a few years later came my sister, who I am sure you will hear me rant and rave about alot!!! There is 5 years age difference between us which at times causes more arguing and disagreement than probably necessary!! Then at the ripe ole age of 22 I decide to take on the best job in the world...being a mom, I had a beautiful healthy baby girl, T ( for my piece of mind) 5 lbs. 10 ozs. and just all the sudden had a purpose. She is now 5 years old and getting ready to start Kindergarten...all day :(

Then in 2004...surprise with the double pink line..... and in June of 2005.. I had a handsome baby boy..B (once again for my piece of mind) He was 7 lbs even..but if you ask my mom I thought he weighed about 10 lbs. He was HUGE!!! It took an extra set of hands to get his stubborn little booty out of there. He was cozy I guess. lol. Then all of the sudden we went to a 4 person family. I have been with high school sweetheart off and on now for over 10 years. lol.....ask my mom for the details...She would love to tell you ALL about it....

I have done office work for the last 8 years off and on.. and at Christmas time I decided to open my own daycare. Prior to opening the daycare the kids went to my mom's everyday....and when I opened the daycare in took weeks for the kids to stop asking me when I was goin' to work so they could go to na' nas and papa's. Still everyday they call her at least once!!! At least!! Most of the time to call and see if she is either awake yet....7 am wake up!!! lol or to see if " I'm coming' to your house na'na?" Talk about feeling left out!!! T slips alot and calls her mom and me na'na sometimes...she such a hoot!! She loves her na'na time... typically cuz my mom lets them do things I don't...i.e. paint in their underwear outside!!!! B, the boy came home last week in pink training undies!!! His dad had a cow!!! To say the least!!! He told me to have a "talk" with her about boys....she did only have daughters ya know...... He loves his na'na time as well, typically to watch "tonka trucks" or "chicken little" lately... this changes.... He also loves his papa time...they both do...
a little over a year ago my dad had a heart attack.*sigh* it was one of the worst things I have ever gone through. I am a huge Greys Anatomy fan and a few weeks before this Georges dad dies of complications post heart surgery and Christina tells him there is thing called the "dead dads" club...nobody wants to be a part of it they just are....those words still ring in my head...but anyway...Early in the morning on July 2, 2007 my mom called...I was sleeping and couldn't get to the phone fast know that half asleep the phones not suppose to ring this early....something is wrong feeling.. yeah I was totally feeling that so I called my mom back on her cell...another clue something was really wrong...unless mom was pulling another one of her "all nighters" lol....just kidding...anyway she couldn't even get the words out I remember just yelling at her to just tell me...spit it out say it.. already..i knew it was dad instantly..i just thought it was a care wreck...but she said They think your dad is or has had a heart attack...I instantly went into stay calm don't freak out was upset enough for all of us...HE has and is her whole life...Us kids are a part too don't get me wrong..but once the kids move out and make families of thier own..then its just them...and she can't live without him.... So I hung up and told Christopher.. he said just go don;t change your clothes just go.....I drove so fast...but not fast enough it felt. I got there and my mom was outside the hospital smoking a smoke....( she has now quit for over a year!!! Go mom!!) and I couldn't even look at her little own talk to her...I knew she would make me lose it right there. AND I CAN"T DO THAT!!! So I walked into the hospital to what felt oddly like a movie..I asked where my dad was and it was as if people just felt sorry for me...I hate know when somebody dies and people say sorry..I hate that....anyway.. I got to his room and walked in....a nurse was taking his blood pressure and my dads friend Ed was in there...he left to let me talk to my dad...he looked terrible ..he was so gray..and of course he says " well you didn't need to come in here" meaning the hospital..... I reached down and touched his hand and said yes I did. His hand was as cold a ice...I thought he was dying right there. I started to cry and so did he then he decided to tell me about the shot he got in the stomach and how "freaking" bad it hurt. To lighten the situation of course. My dad is not one that is real emotional, vocally or physically...but that day it all changed. I went home per his advise they were waiting on test results and the kids wanted to know where I was since I had left so early.... I got home and the kids were sleeping on the floor so I laid down and curled up to them and finally really started crying.... It felt like only a few minutes before the phone rang it was my mom to tell me they were taking him to Topeka....I once again drove like crazy for the hospital which is about 16 miles from where I live. Got there and he was already in the ambulance getting ready to leave and I told them I HAD to see him before they left...So the EMT took me back opened the side door and there he was I locked eyes with him and both of us started to cry...The EMT told me I had to leave that I couldn't upset him and so I told him that I loved him alot and that I needed him and they shut the door to head to Topeka. He went through some angioplasty and had some stints put in..... but it was the longest hell week of my life. He is my hero..there is nothing that he can't do. I am so lucky to have a dad like him. So enough of the sad stuff. He is now doing that is...him and my mom both quit smoking..whew..they were bad at it too. Packs and packs a day!!! Bot both of them are now the picture of health!!! :)