Nov 4, 2008


Good afternoon fellow bloggers...I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoy reading each and every one of your blogs and I am so glad you took the time to read my daily sometimes weekly thoughts.... As you all know it is election day!!!! I am so excited to be honest I am 28 and this is the first year that I have feels so great to learn and know more about politics.... I just wanted to say that I am a proud Obama voter... I believe that he will lead this country into such great things.... I am not saying anything negative about McCain's camp ... I just choose to go with Obama on his views and what he stands for. I am not writing this blog to receive negative feedback... I just wanted to say I VOTED!!!! And I feel that it counts :) Thank you to all those women who fought to let our voices be heard.... So whether you pick Obama or

McCain... do it....just pick and be proud to be an American with the privilege to or women..... Thanks so much....Scoti

Oct 29, 2008

I'm back!!! Miss me...?????

Okay so I have been neglecting my blog for the last couple of weeks and I need to stop it out right now!!!! So I have been oober busy with the kids, daycare and girl scouts!!! It is all so fun though!!! Daycare is getting better...he is doing a little better he started counseling and it seems to be working :) I have also enrolled to take a course on children with behavioral I am excited about that it is in Topeka and its a weekend long and its FREE!!! And they have daycare provided...also free... so the kids and I will be taking a mini vacation:) Okay...girl scouts is sooo much fun this next week we are making homemade ornaments for a tree that we are purchasing to help our local pride anybody got any good tried and true recipes that I can do with them in 1 hour? I can make the dough ahead of time.... ??? Also I am hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at my home this year for both Chris and I's families!!!! I am sooooo excited...I have the invitations printed that I will be sending out on Friday and I have a menu started I am also sending the menu out 10 days before to guests who RSVP!!! I have my take settings picked out and the kids and I are making homemade cornucopias...I got the idea from good ol Martha... here....

I have also got a couple of Thanksgiving crafts for the kids to do... I am soooo excited!!!!

I have also been trying to get motivated to start my holiday crafts......seriously I need some motivation!!!! I have alot to be making.....:)

Also working on planning a cookie exchange with Taryn....its too cute her wanting to host one :0

In case I haven't bragged..which I haven't a couple of weeks ago Taryn entered in our local town homecomings Lip Sync contest....and....SHE WON!!!!! She sang Sugarlands...all I wanna it is on you tube so you can see it..... It is so wonderful... I am soo beyond proud... please feel free to leave me comments on how stinkin cute she was...sorry the video is so grainy...but you get the just of how awesome she is....also my mom has put Brocks first b-day party and the kids doing the pedal pull on there if ya wanna take a peak!!! Until next time folks....Love thy neighbor!!!!! Hugs and Kisses....Scoti
P.S. Alot of great giveaways going on hurry on over and comment away!!! she is giving away the cutest towels...and man she is a hoot...
plus this awesome giveaway...but don't enter as I will be winning just kidding hurry on over drawing is November 1st!!
so here are the two that I had time to post up today I will be back tomorrow... :)

Oct 15, 2008


My mil and myself have some fresh bittersweet for sale.... and I wanted to give my blogging friends first chance to buy some......If your me at to place your order.....Cost will be $5.99 a bunch (20 stems) plus shipping, just supply me with your zip code so I can give your exact shipping cost!!! Don't forget to order quick...this will be gone in a flash...I am putting it on ebay on Friday!!! Thanks Scoti

Oct 10, 2008

Its begining to look alot like fall :)

My new daycare sign!!!!!
this hangs on my front door :)

Well...things have calmed ever so slightly that I can blog a little....first off I just wanted to say to all of you out there that have a child with behavioral problems or care for a child with this heart goes out to of the children I care for is so hard to get-a-long with for the other children, including his siblings and it is emotionally draining for me...I am completely is almost as if when he is in a mood...that it is 8-9 hours of complete much of my things....have gotten broken in the last month...and its just saddening to watch it happen....discipline....i.e timeout and the corner...which I as a child nothing for him...he is just so is just....blah...I feel as though I am in a funk..... just sad really...I feel as though when this child is here I am a prisoner of my own this I just not meant to do daycare...

Well onto a happier note...Girl Scouts and Taryn has been sooooo much fun.... we are working on seat belt and bicycle we decided to make a float..... My Dearest Mommy painted up the float backer...tell me what ya think...

The little buckle up guy will be on the back of the float as we drive on by... :)

Also I have been doing a little fall decorating...

This last one is my tables little centerpiece...I am actually very proud of it...the little yellow tray came from a yard sale for .25...and the cinnamon twine balls were 3 for $1 and the scarecrows $1 each and the leaves $1.25 ...pumpkin $7....not too shabby if I do say so myself..... also wanted to let you know in the upcoming weeks I am going to be painting my china hutch black and distressing it.....If anyone knows and is willing to share...HOW DO YOU MAKE THOSE FAKE PANTRY PIES? I WANT TO MAKE SOME AND MY CREATIVE JUICES CAN'T QUITE FIGURE IT OUT!!!


Love thy neighbor.....


Oct 1, 2008


OKAY SO I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY...LIFE HAS ITS WAY OF THROWING YOU AS MANY CURVE BALLS SIMULTANEOUSLY AS IT POSSIBLY CAN..... So I have been super busy with the kids..daycare and my own.... And the baby shower......It was fabulous!!! Here are some pics. 90% of everything was homemade...I am soooo proud of it....please tell me whatcha are some pics....

So that thats all done :)

Also in case I haven't told you I am Taryns Daisy Scout Leader...go me.....trying to keep 8, 5&6 years olds busy for 45 mins learning to earn patches is more work than I thought!!!!

Also I got my stocking swap partner, Mary from Gettysburg Homestead...which I wish I lived in her house... I love it all.... :) So I started on that...... As for crafting I haven't really gotten too busy with that...but I need right now...tonight....I have many aprons to be making and cinnamon rolls and grubbied candles.... and on an on.... :)

If anyone knows and is willing to share..can someone please tell me how to make the star ornie bowl fillers...I mean is this a hand stitch project? I can't machine stitch them and get them turned out? I have a pattern...but no instructions and I guess I am just not getting need help!!! Well Thanks for playing catch up tomorrow I will post pics of the Artsy swap i did and my pay it forward gift I got..... Also I am working on painting a distressing my hutch.....yikes..I am so nervous..... So until next time... PS I will be doing a Holiday Give-a-way.... sometime next month..things are just so insane around here..... XOXO

Love thy neighbor.....also thought for the day...Share with thy neighbor...if you haven't or even if you have take something to your neighbor and share...Its amazing how wonderful that all feels on both parties part to give and to receive something...especially if its the comments on here of your random neighborly kindness.... Love Scoti

Sep 5, 2008

Okay...HELP looking for...and a new swap and give-a-way!!!!

Okay I am soooo overwhelmed right now.... Daycare is finally full to the brim with a waiting list!!! YEA!!! My bestest friend Tiffany is having a baby boy named Holden in the fall and I am hosting my first baby shower. I have been working on this soooo hard... I will try to post the pictures of the diaper cake, pom=pom decorations, prize bags and whatnot that I have made for the shower!!!
Second this weekend is our city wide garage sale!!! I am having a 5 plus family garage sale at my house!!! So my house is a wreck!!! After the garage sale this weekend and the shower next weekend maybe just maybe I can have my house and sanity back!!! Heather who won my giveaway.... I will be shipping out your winnings MOnday I had to re-paint another plate because my DH broke the other one...looking with his hands not his eyes.... sorry it has taken me so long...I will make this up to you!!!
I am looking for anyone who has a kitchenaid stand mixer they are getting rid of or if someone sees one of these at a sale of any sort. I am dying to have one...but money is just blah here!!! I have saved a little money and thought I would put this out there because all of you ladies seem to find the best stuff!!!! we just don't have the good sales and stores here like everyone else!!! Also wanted to let everyone know that i am going to host another give-a-way... in September. I have decided to make it a blind give-a-way..... each post I will hint around about each item that I am giving away. For each comment you leave you get a comment per post please....IF you post this Blind Fall Give-a-way on your blog and tell your friends you get 2 more entries......and if you add me to your blog roll...another entry!!!! So there is potential for alot of entries per person if you just keep with me!!!!! :)
I didn't have such a successful turn out on my recipe & cloth swap.... so I thought I would put it out there one more time...... For all of those who joined to swap...thank you.... I just wanted to ask if anyone was interested in making it an ornie and recipe swap instead of cloth????..... Comments are very welcome...
Thanks all so much..
And if anyone is looking for any specific items....let me know and I will keep an eye out for ya!!!
Love thy neighbor...
P.S. Camera is still broke :( I will be looking for a new one...

Aug 28, 2008

Where has the week gone?

Well I have been so busy with daycare and what not....The Food Program peole came today and I have been waiting since last week for them to come.... :( So they finally came today!! And I passed it seems!! Yay me!! I have been crafting and sewing my heart out but unfortuntely with no camera:( I can't even show you what I have been making... But today I made up a batch of Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener..... I think the fabric softener might last forever...It makes a huge batch!!!! I also made some detergent for my mil...and maybe my mommy too... She doesn't like powder so I am going to make up some liquid type this weekend If I remember to get a 5 gallon bucket.... Oh and oven cleaner... Its time to clean the oven too.... I have also been makin up some cinn-a-minis....thanks to one of my fellow bloggers who shared this recipe I have been dying to have!!! I love the smell... I added a little pumpkin spice and cinnamon and they look good enough to eat!!!!
Oh and today I got a lovely pay-it foward gift today... I will take a picture of it and post it hopefully tom.. I am going to borrow a friends camera tonight so I will post all the pictures later!!!
I am alos looking for a few good and DH tired of eating the same things... And I like the tried and true recipes personally!!! So I have about 5 lbs of hamburger in the feel free email me some recipes... I know ya got some!!!!
Love thy neighbor!!